Farewell Bash…..

Last Friday my best friend Becky took me to see the Five Year Engagement for my Birthday in the Warren Balcony! We had a wonderful time even though the movie was a let down……it isn’t a comedy…it is kinda depressing and the only funny parts are in the preview…BOO!

After the movie we went to The Cupcake Lounge where Becky had planned a Farewell Bash for me! I am so busy I can not find the time to see everyone 1-on-1 so this was perfect! Look at what Becky made me……………..that night everyone wrote me well wishes and she is going to put them all in for me! I mean how wonderful is this?

 Here is the Bahrenburg’s…….And Allison is due with Anderson anytime, can’t wait to meet him! I worked at Mickey Mantle’s with Mike for about 4 years and he introduced me to his fiance (at the time) and we have been friends for over 8 years. I love these two and I will miss our dinners out greatly! Allison has the kindest heart, she is thoughtful and she is just a truly amazing person.

 Jeana and Karlin are in book club with me and we have the BEST time together! I will miss our movie dates, laughter and dinners we spent catching up!

 My Mom and Dad also came to my Farewell bash, I was glad they were able to come and share in this night with me!

 Becky had ordered the cupcakes for everyone and she got me this cute shirt that I call an “ode to cake”……ah yes, she knows me well! HAHA!

 Here we have Kaylyn, Myself, Margo and Allison……all of these ladies are Sister-in-laws and I loved that they always made me feel like family. I just love every moment I get to spend with these ladies and I was so thankful they came to wish me well!

 Ah Becky K……Becky and I met at JH 5 years ago and we instantly hit it off! I am thankful that JH was able to give me such great friends that I will know for years and years to come!

 And here we have the Brum’s (Minus 1)……….This family has taken me in as their own and I love each of them. I am so thankful that they go out of their way for me and at times I think “what did I do deserve a friendship like this” and I mean it! How much I will miss them all? Too much to say.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who came to send me off, it was beyond perfect and I know that the friendships I hold with everyone in this post will not be changed by eh….900 miles!

I can’t believe we close on the homes 1 week from today………I want to have a panic attack! 


  1. Erin
    May 2, 2012 / 1:17 pm

    SO sweet that your friends did that for you!! 🙂

  2. Becky
    May 2, 2012 / 2:15 pm

    You have blessed our lives with your kindness, your friendship, you passion and love. I know this next chapter in your life will be full of many new adventures.

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