New Area Code

 It is official Matt has moved to Columbus and today he even has a new Columbus phone number! It is all very weird, he headed out Friday morning around 6am with his truck full, it was hard there is no perfect goodbye…………

 It is weird, his closet is empty and every time the dogs hear a car door at night they think it is him…..poor babies just don’t understand! He was jam packed………..

I am so thankful that Matt found a Corporate apartment LAST Thursday!!! Talk about last minute……this is what it looks like with a full size bed and small bathroom! I love that it has a full kitchen stocked with everything he needs so it will hopefully make him feel more at home! 

(Even though he said it is in the ghetto, ha)

Last night we did “Face Time” for the first time thru our Macs…he was able to see all the animals which I know made him happy. Now onto pressing questions……
When I am going to Ohio? who knows…….
1. I still have never been there…I am hoping that next weekend I can go to FINALLY see the city I am going to live the rest of my life in! (sarcasm)
2. We don’t have a house in Columbus yet but TODAY I got us a realtor, so that is nice!
3. I am trying to sell ours here but don’t know when I will move yet
It is like there are so many moving pieces to this puzzle!!!

Do you know anyone looking for a cute house???? HERE is our listing! Let me know if you do…….for your referral… will get a Scentsy Warmer! No joke friends!
Thank you to all my friends who have asked how I am feeling and dealing with all of this ……all I can say is I don’t know?! Everyday is different, so check with me tomorrow!

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