Meet Rosine….

 So guys I have something VERY exciting to talk about today (and I need a break from moving talk) I have a friend that I have known since High School named Tara….you can learn all about her on her amazing blog La.T.Da (Click HERE) But today I am going to tell you how she is touching lives……..
I know that I talk so much about “causes”, giving, things that I am passionate about and making a difference……..but Tara is actually doing it! I can not believe her courage, her big heart and how much of a difference she is making. I only wish I could have the courage to do what she has done!
Long story short Tara lives in Africa at the Noel Orphanage and yes, you can see pure joy all over her face……………………

 Tara has been taking sewing classes lately with some amazing young women in Africa and she has once again stepped up and is making a HUGE difference! About a week or 2 ago she started posting pictures and information about some amazing ladies and how WE can help! I jumped at this chance………….meet Rosine………Rosine is my new friend, someone I will gain insiration from and someone who is beautiful inside and out! I am Rosine’s new sponsor…………..(we are already FB friends)

Rosine is our newest little love. She is quietly confident and always wearing a smile. She is also not from the orphanage, but her aunt, Mama Clarisse, is one of my favorite mamas (at the orphanage) and asked if she could join. Umm, duh. 🙂

Born in 1982, Rosine is 29 years old and the oldest of six children. Rosine, her 3 brothers and two sisters, lived with both parents until she was 11 and her father fell very ill and died. It was at that time that Mama Clarisse and her daughter (Clarisse) moved in with their family and Rosine’s mother worked very hard to put all of her children through school.

Rosine wants to study Accounting or Computer Science and she hopes to work in a bank one day. 

She likes the sewing school so much. She is going to work very hard and use her money to help her family and solve many of their problems.

So isn’t that excititng???? I can’t believe what a wonderful oppurtunity this is…….want to learn more? This is from Tara’s blog……………

I am so stupid excited!! Thank you so much for loving these girls like I do. It’s $34/month to be a sponsor. You can donate through His Chase, recurring every month, on the link above (right hand side of the blog, second photo down, it says ‘donate here’). Let me know which girl you would like to sponsor and make sure to designate her name on the His Chase site. The girls are excited to set up emails and facebooks to keep in touch with you. We are praying for all seven girls to have sponsors by morning.

So you want to help too? Visit Tara’s blog HERE, look around and then leave her a blog comment with your email address and she will get back to you ASAP! I look forward to sending stuff to Africa for Rosine, getting to know her and forming a bond that will last a lifetime! I am so lucky.


  1. Amy
    April 10, 2012 / 4:49 pm

    If I had animals I would def. take them with me. I don't blame you one bit for not giving them up. I know you've mentioned a few times about maybe finding/connecting w/ bloggers in the Ohio area so I wanted to recommend Katie over at Keep Calmand Carry On. Her blog is really cute and she seems like lots of fun. You might already read her blog, not sure, but if not you should check her out.

  2. Amy
    April 11, 2012 / 4:16 pm

    So clearly my last comment was meant for the post "Can I add something……" Sorry about that!I think it's awesome that you're supporting this wonderful woman. I have never sponsored an adult but I have sponsored children and the relationship I formed w/ them was incredible and so different. I learned so much about culture and others through that relationship. I have no doubt your relationship will be just as meaningful and eye opening as mine.

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