Manic Monday…..

Hi Guys!! I am back and soo exhausted….. today I am going to answer your questions, fill you in on the progress in Ohio and Oklahoma and give you a hint at what may be our new home!!!

1. My house here in Oklahoma is officially under contract! I learned as I went along and filled out the real estate contract, FHA buyer loan info and property disclosure form…….AND…….my buyers have signed everything! So I am meeting them tonight to discuss plans, inspections and a time line!!! It is real and I am unsure how I am feeling about everything!

2. We haven’t “blindly” shopped for homes in Ohio! We have several friends who have informed us so well that we know the areas in Columbus…what to avoid and what to consider. Also, we know that Matt’s office has to be in Pickerington so we want Matt for once to have a small commute making Pickerington a perfect place for us. This is a suburb of Ohio and has more of a small town feel but close to everything……..We are not buying just to buy.

3. How do I like Ohio?? To be honest, we were sooo busy that in between seeing 12 homes, sleeping and eating….I really did not get anytime “sight see” on this trip. I did see that Ohio is beautiful, green and welcoming which is nice, reminds me a tad of Oklahoma!

** Now, everyone says “You will both know it the minute you walk into a house if it is yours” and to extent that is TRUE BUT…… have to be realistic and make your choice based on price, location and what the home has to offer big! So ya…..we both walked into this home below and knew immediately this could be it!!! BUT……..this home would give Matt a 40minute commute one way so we had to say no. But for me this kitchen was the “Cats Meow”

We then saw this home below I couldn’t even speak….I mean HELLO a Chef’s fridge??? You have to kidding me…….this home was STUNNING, we both fell in love. This was the perfect location but this home was about 25k over our budget and it has been on the market less than a week with a ton of people already seeing it. So, NO way these people would negotiate with us. This will more than likely end in a bidding war for some lucky rich people! HAHA! But God, this house was “it”! So dreamy……

We saw homes like this one below that is so traditional this home looks like the Father of the Bride home. But once inside some homes (like the one below) you realize that it looks like a circus was housed inside. People are so gross, this house literally had dirty finger prints on the walls. It had a movie theater room which was amazing but who wants to “power wash”, paint and put so much money into a already pricey home? Not us!

I loved the neighborhoods……they all had trees, amazing grass, clean streets and honestly they all were so welcoming! Don’t you just wanna lay in this grass?

We then saw a few 80s nightmares (oddly that were not built in the 80s)…….and I know, we can change things but I honestly couldn’t see past a few of the homes ugly decor, yucky wood and gold touches! Yeck! This is SOOO not us………

I will say I cried at the end of Day 1……the only 2 homes we saw that we loved were 1. too far away 2. too pricey! So I felt very overwhelmed and discouraged but I was able to pull myself together for day 2 and it started with a WOW! This was the first home on day 2 and it became one of the final 2……………..But ultimately this one was father away, smaller yard and the basement was not finished. (This was my fav though)

And below is a “sneak peak” picture of the house we are making an offer on today! I love white or dark cabinets….nothing in between……..

This house has a HUGE almost acre lot and look at this backyard! This also has a very pricey Koi Pond and was so well kept over all!
BUT, even though I preferred the other house this one has a full finished basement making it almost 3200 sq feet and was in a picturesque neighborhood! BUT before we move in we are going to:
1. Put in dark hardwood floors on the entire bottom level and kitchen,I think dark floors will make the white kitchen pop and look more modern!
2. New back splash and cabinet knobs
3. Fence the backyard
4. Do some repainting…I like more warm inviting colors and not so much the “egg shell” color! So imagine all of that and this home will be what we need and work great for our little family! The dogs will LOVE this yard!

I can show you more pictures and tell you more about it but lets wait and see if the couple are even going to accept our offer! And don’t even get me started on the planning of a logistical move including….
1. Closing in Oklahoma first
2. Driving 16 hours
3. Putting in a fence, new floors and paint AFTER closing in Ohio
4. Getting everything the mortgage guys needs and I swear he might need a body cavity search.

That list goes on and ON………and it is a nightmare…..BUT I know we will get thru it but at the same time I am allowed to be stressed, overwhelmed and scared!?? Right????



  1. No Longer Newlyweds.
    April 9, 2012 / 3:24 pm

    Those houses are absolutely gorgeous. I loved house hunting…but, it's hard not to fall in love with those properties outside your budget, isn't it? I hope everything goes smoothly with the house you want. You'll be so happy there…and maybe time to start a family there? I can see tons of kids running around that spacious yard!

  2. The Burtons
    April 9, 2012 / 4:55 pm

    So excited for you, but talking from experience cross country moves are hard! You will get through it though and have so much fun starting this new adventure together! the houses look awesome, can't wait to see pics if you get it! 🙂

  3. Nicki Willis
    April 10, 2012 / 3:54 am

    Wow, how do you find time to blog all this? I'm glad you do though, don't get discouraged we looked at 70 homes before we purchased ours in Phoenix. You'll find it!

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