Dream Job?!

So….if you know me well then you know I LOVE movie trailers! I will not see a movie if I miss the previews! But for me it is more than that, I appreciate them…….how they are put together to make you want to see the movie, giving you just enough to want more. The music? For me that can MAKE a trailer and it blows my mind how they sometimes find the most perfect song! My dream job would be putting together movie trailers (yes, like in the Holiday)!!! But I see the art in it and I could watch trailer after trailer! Below are 4 of my current favorites (and yes, I also want to see all these movies)

This trailer pulls you in with romance and it even turns a song I HATE into a song I love. Because now when I hear this song I will always think of this movie…..and well, Zac Efron is a baby no more! wink wink LOL….This trailer was made for girls and women………

This trailer I LOVE…….I love the gritty-ness (?word?) of this preview. I also love how it was pieced together to go perfect with each song….you can even see Salma close her eyes exactly on the beat. Kudos to who ever made this…….

Now, this trailer is intense…..the kind of trailer you stop chewing your popcorn to watch with your mouth open mid-chew. The “music” in this one comes across exactly as they want it…..horrifying and amazing! Love it………

And lastly, if you are like me this trailer makes you wanna get up and dance your butt off! This trailer is SO MUCH fun I literally can not get enough! Is it just me or is this the perfect trailer to make you daydream that you are Juliana Hough? Or is it just me?

Well, you all may think I am weird…..and I could post trailer after trailer I love but I won’t…I will spare you! Funny thing is….I actually think I would be really good at this job too. What would one of your dream jobs be??

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