Can I add something……..

Of course, of course, of course all 4 of my animals are moving with us! Listen I am not judging….ok, I am…..I am sorry but if you are someone who doesn’t or didn’t want the hassle of moving pets and gave yours away…..shame on you. You can think that is mean but I think even considering doing that is mean.
My 3 dogs and 1 cat are my life, my children and I can not live without them…Home is where they are! And if you are close to me you know that I am most worried about moving them…how they will feel, react and what is the BEST thing for them…not me. I will split them into 2 cars, make plenty of stops and yes we will drive with a litter box in the car!!!! I will get them all in to see the vet before we leave, stock up on their needs and do everything I can to make this transition easy for them. And yes….I spend WAY TOO much time laying in bed thinking about this exact topic and worrying if they will be happy.
Now, my cat, Isabella….she will be pissed but I think she will LOVE the new open loft in the new house (if things work out) I hope she will sun herself in the window and watch all of us from on top of the stairs!

So OF COURSE we are taking them…..I even asked the people who are buying my house if they would please feed “Bubba” the neighborhood cat for me…I worry what will she (yes, she) think when we stop coming to the door to see her, how will she understand? Yes, I worry myself crazy…..but if I didn’t I wouldn’t be me and for everyone who is constantly telling me “it/they will be fine” I KNOW!!!!! I know, I know we will and the animals will be fine but I am allowed to worry I am their mother. I understand people mean well, but I feel the way I feel and that won’t stop!!!

So now if I have scared off any of you who “gave away” animals before…..I am not sorry and you must be new to my blog! hehehe!


  1. Anonymous
    April 10, 2012 / 6:07 pm

    I was worried VERY MUCH about Norm when we moved to another house (in town) the past few weeks. It was NOT an easy transition for him. His stomach was upset and he knew something was going on. His life changed too! He's much happier now. He has a covered back porch and a yard that he loves. He has a corner on the porch that he curls up in. He lays in the sun. He's happy now, but he had accidents and anxiety along the way. You are right to care about them. They are god's living creatures too! -Charissa

  2. Becky
    April 18, 2012 / 3:04 pm

    I agree with you 100%. You don't get rid of your pets becuase you are moving. A pet is a family member and should move with the family.

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