So yesterday I woke up with a sick migraine and then on top of that I was just feeling plain “blue”! I am sure you all have had those days so on a whim I decided I needed a laugh and I headed to the movies! I went to go see a 2:15 showing of American Reunion and when I got to the Warren I was told that the 2:15 was in the Directors suite……………

 And then I asked how many people were seated in there and told me NO ONE! So after some thought and time to get over the “Loser party of one”….I decided what the heck! LOL……….so when the server came over and brought me my popcorn and drink I told him he might as well sit and watch it also! And he did! I did feel a little embarrassed…..but, I see movies alone a lot it doesn’t bother me at all but sitting in the fancy directors suite with a server was a tad humiliating! (relaxing too)

Take a look at this movie poster……one is from 1999 and other other one today……so being a 1999 graduate myself this movie hit home. I laughed, smiled and get this…..I teared up. Yes, Me….Nicole who never cries! I think it was all the talk of 1999 (and the music too)…the movie was partly focused on how everyone’s lives have changed and how they thought life would be back then. I can tell you exactly who I went to see the original with and where (but I won’t)! SO since I was already blue this movie was the perfect storm for thinking back, reflecting and remembering who I use to be. 

 In fact……..this is who I use to be, this was my Sr. Picture (below)! And yes, if you don’t already know this is really me! Now, this was bleached but I am a true blonde. Funny how our lives pan out and how we change….although most people don’t change as drastically as I do! And NO, I will never go back blonde….my parents are the only ones who are still on me about my hair color…..but that just adds another reason to not change! LOL (kidding?!)

If you are the same age as the American reunion cast and the original came out when you were in High School then you will get all the jokes….I mean it’s true I didn’t have a cell phone and had no idea what email was. So if you would like to go re-live your “glory days” then American Reunion is for you…….

And really the blast from 1999 music……Boys II Men, Coolio, etc…. was great!!!

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  1. Ashley
    April 12, 2012 / 2:55 pm

    I can't wait to see this movie!

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