Thankful Thursday!

Hi Blogger World….today is a special Thankful Thursday……This morning I had the honor to help in welcoming home our Oklahoma 45th Infantry Brigade after a 13 month deployment in Afghanistan.  The ceremony was held at the National Guard Hanger at our airport……..

This was such a special and humbling ceremony to be a part of and we were quickly reminded of the price of Freedom as we honored the 14 Oklahomans who did not make it home today.

We had several short speakers as the anticipation grew while loved ones waited for the soldiers grand entrance! It was a really special atmosphere…..

This is right when they opened the hanger doors and 170 (not all the brigade) soldiers marched in to cheers, tears and a standing ovation.

Below are some of the very special Oklahoma soldiers who are near to everyone’s heart…….and on the 5th row stood my “Brother-in-law-to-be” Michael. We are so very proud……and even prouder that he returned home with a Purple Heart.

Here is my stunning Sister-in-law Colby shortly after being reunited with her fiance Michael! We are all so excited to have him home and we look forward to their wedding this fall!

I am excited as I look forward to the day later this year that my brother will return from his deplyment. And as always….my thoughts and prayers are with all the military serving and their family.

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