Tail Wagging Tuesday!

I haven’t blogged about my kids lately so this is just a long long over due post about the most important people (animals) in my life!!!
Here is my beautiful cat Isabella………. She has the most beautiful people eyes! She is my “first born”!!

Here is my Ralphie……..he is just so handsome! This past weekend was his 5th Birthday! Happy Birthday Roo….can’t believe we rescued you from a parking lot when you were only 3 weeks old! I wish for one day he could be as small as my hand again……he was so so cute! They grow up so fast……hehe!

Here is our Oscar……..I could just melt in his big brown eyes! I just love this bossy little guy!

Here is our very own Benjamin Button……Abner, was sick and frail when we adopted him…and our vet guessed he was around 11 years old. But now he is full of life and happiness, last we checked our vet now thinks he could be as young as 8 years old!

Bella was contemplating stepping outside yesterday……..until a leaf fell down and scared her! 🙂

This pretty much sums up what all my boys do all day while I work!!! Whatever floats their boat!

Oscar is just big boned so you know……..here he is showing off his goods! He is so silly!

You know I love me some animals……and yes, I get many sleepless nights thinking about what is in store for them……….relocating 17 hours away! Moving with 4 animals seems like a logistical nightmare to me! But we don’t have to think about that just yet!

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