Aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation or light surrounding a person or object. This light can not be seen with the naked eye. Your Aura is associated with various personality traits that show up with the different color layers of the aura. It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person……………

Disclaimer: I am not here to push ANY belief on you nor do I care what your belief is, we all are who we are……I am a Christian who also happens to believe in the “unknown” including mediums and so forth. I believe that our own free will can change the direction of anything that is told to us but I believe the world is far more complex than we realize and that everything fits in with my love for God. SO there you have it………

So a few weekends ago my girlfriends and I were at a Spirit Fair (don’t judge) and we had our Aura pictures taken and then decoded for us. We also had a few readings done that were crazy accurate but I wanted to share with you my Aura picture above. Can you see me? I am in the middle and if you hold the picture you can make out my face!  My other girlfriends pictures were COMPLETELY different, filled with blues, greens and more orange. How does this work? You just sit down and smile while this unusual camera takes your picture and what happened next was spot on….. This gentlemen began to explain my Aura (far far more complex than I can truly express to you, since I can’t point to each part of the picture via this post) But here are the highlights that this stranger told me and were shockingly correct, very neat to hear things you may have thought about yourself being told to you by a stranger……

* My overall color scheme is very strong and very strongly shows to him that I am cheerful, happy and have a positive influence over others

* He said the dark red shows that when I love something….I REALLY really love it and I become passionate about it. He also said that I care so much about so much and those are great qualities!
**** I will say real quick that sometime ago I had some people tell me that EXACT quality of “being too passionate or caring too much” was a negative. But I never understood how some people would/could say that caring too much is negative? So when this gentlemen went on about how it was a positive quality it sometimes takes a outsider to get me back on track and for me to believe in myself again and that I posses positive qualities that can not be used against me.

* He sad that the red that is covering my mouth means that I am a great  communicator and that when I talk others listen and believe in what I say. (I think that plays into this blog)

* He said there are some light discrepancies that tell him I have Angels watching over me as well as a few spirits who watch over me (which by the way when I got a different reading that person said the exact same thing and I was told who the spirits were)

*He said the oranges show that I am creative and that is how I like to express myself. And that the yellow in the picture shows I am constantly learning about new things and that I want to expose myself to more than my everyday life allows.

* I will say he said I am controlling…..but not in a complete bad way but that I like to control situations, make things flow and I like to know what to expect……and I would say that is me. And that also when I don’t love something I have a tendency to not care. I need to find more of a middle ground.

Over all this was SUCH a neat experience and to think that this person has never met me, I did not talk to him other than saying my name and all of this was picked up thru my Aura! Very cool!

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  1. Anonymous
    March 9, 2012 / 4:48 pm

    Very cool! Who is watching over you? Have you watched Long Island Medium? Love it! -Charissa

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