Life’s Biggest Questions……

Do you ever sit around and ponder questions? Like why? How? No? Well here we go………..

* On the Bachelor and Bachelorette when a Helicopter drops them off on a remote island or on top of a mountain cliff with nothing but food and booze…what happens when they need to go to the bathroom? I mean I pee like once an hour….do they have to pop a squat?

* On Hoarders….why do they ALL get their water turned off? Like what is it about being a Hoarder does that mean you will have no running water and therefor you must collect your own human waste and then NOT throw it away? I know it is gross but don’t act like you haven’t thought of it?!?

* Why does Mitt Romney when he is trying to be “one of the people” keep saying stupid things like “My wife has several Cadillacs”>??! Stoopid

* Why doesn’t someone tell Bachelor Ben that is hair is awful?! I mean it is not even a little bit cute, it literally grosses me out?! Or can someone get him a flat iron?

* Another Bachelor question…………How do the girls on a date magically know to always wear a bikini under their cloths in the chance they can get into some sort of water with Ben? It’s weird!

* Why do all the “Bravo Housewives” talk bad about each other in their confessional like the other ladies are just not going to watch it and see??

* On Vampire Diaries WHY o’ WHY don’t they cut that ugly “duck tail” off of Damon? That would increase his hotness by like a ton!?!?

* Why does everyone have a tip jar now? I mean for taking my order why do you want a tip? You are not making $2.13 an hour like servers are?!? I mean I never know what to do…it is like everyone wants a tip now?! It is so confusing.

* Also on Hoarders (A&E and TLC) why would you Hoard your trash? Random items and shopping is one thing but why would you like never take your trash out for 10 years and why do you always have to get poor cats and make them live in that with you? eek

* Why do all my TV shows have like 3 finales? Like you air for a few weeks in Fall then go on break? Then you go on “Winter break” (eh em….Glee, Parenthood, Vampire Diaries…) and then you get Summer break too? WHY???????

* Why isn’t Betheny Frankle my friend?

* Why can’t I be on Fashion Police?? I love that show! I could be a “Fash-ho”

Oh guys….I could go ON AND ON! What silly things do you always wonder? Do you have answers to my most burning questions??

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  1. No Longer Newlyweds.
    March 1, 2012 / 12:48 am

    Hey.Even though I don't comment as often, I'm still a faithful reader. Just wanted you to know that I love following you and your life. =)Some answers…the Bachelor mountain shots via helicopter and just for TV. They are just dropped off for the shot and then picked right back up. That normally takes less than an hour, so even you shouldn't have to pee in that time. The contestants are also given a pretty strict agenda about what to bring to the show in terms of clothing. And, before every date, they tell them what to wear…and it usually involves some sort of bikini. The producers have also been known to provide swimsuits if someone forgets theirs. Tips jars frustrate me too. I mean, the employees and Baskin Robbins want a tip…for taking 10 seconds to scoop my ice cream. Crazy. I don't give in unless some real work is done. In the RH series, the interviews in the confessional are done during the season, but not watched until the reunion or when the season airs. By that time, fights have normally blown over…so, it's so awkward. I think the cast mates know that their contracts only depend on whether or not Brave thinks they are bringing in the ratings…so they try to be as dramatic as possible. I love Bethenny too.

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