Breaking Dawn

Guys, sometimes I do the silliest things……… after book club on Friday with my favorite ladies……I met my friend Becky and her daughter Ashton at Target for the Breaking Dawn DVD release party. (which wasn’t a party at all might I add)

So…….we figured why not? Why not, see what the deal is……… You had to get to the Target at 9pm to get your movie voucher, then at 11pm they showed a special 5 minute clip…….which was a let down! 2 minutes was an advertisement, 1 minute was the actors talking about the wedding again and then finally the last 2 minutes was a never seen clip from Breaking Dawn part II……..and it was a let down, unless you have read the book you would have NO idea what was happening during these 2 minutes. (It was when Alice & Jasper have left and they left Bella a clue in a book of hers) Am I still excited for Part II? Heck ya, but I was hoping for an actual preview!

Then oddly they had everyone of us line up in the deli and meat section which was FREEZING while we waited for 12:01 to get our DVDs! Chicken anyone?

Oh the things I do…….luckily I made it home at 12:30 and then last night Matt and I watched the movie, which I loved just as much as the first time! Swoon! Matt? not so much.

SO I spent my Friday night in the Target meat section…..what did you do? hehehe


  1. Carly Ann
    February 12, 2012 / 9:27 pm

    I thought about going to pick it up at the "party" at target too, but instead I just watched it On Demand to tide myself over until I can go pick up the DVD. i didn't see it in theater, but I LOVED it. I was in tears during the wedding and honeymoon. Can't wait until the second part comes out!

  2. Becky
    February 13, 2012 / 12:20 am

    Doing the silly things is what makes our life so much fun!!!

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