SAG Style

 Oh I just love awards season (as you know) and I have picked my least favorites and my most stylish from last nights awards! Good or Bad first???????
SO bad first………
* Kaley Cuoco, I think this looks like a prom dress but it is also one color shade away from a wedding dress. Fail!

 *Kristin Wiig, she may be trying to bring back the “chocker” (I hope it doesn’t) but paired with a dress that already ties around her neck? This confuses me?? Yuck

 * Angie….I Know I know….how dare I put “Saint Angie” (as many call her) on this list…. but to me this dress looks like a cheap knock of a dress she should of worn off that is made with pleather. And she is so thin it kinda grosses me out, her bones are just poking out everywhere.

 * Oh Heather Morris form Glee…..why? I don’t need so say anymore………

 * Natalie Portman, I do not know why someone would put what looks to be a dead flower hanging from her boob on a dress??!. It is not a good look even on someone as pretty as Natalie!

 Are you ready for my GOOD????????

* Jayma Mays, I love love love this dress! It fills my heart with “Glee” (lol)! This dress is stunning and this picture doesn’t do her justice from how she looked on TV! She glowed!

 * Michelle Williams….again, a complete class act. Simple but stunning!

 * Jane Lynch……..I surprised you didn’t I? I LOVE this dress, the textured material and the color. This is so pretty on her and I would kill to wear this. You can’t tell but her earrings have blue and purple on them….perfection!

 *Emma Stone, so young, so pretty……so perfect! She can make anything look stunning!

 * Viola Davis, I kinda feel like this is too much cleavage BUT her face just radiates happiness and that is the perfect accesory. I think she looks completely glamorous! I was so glad that she and her Help co-stars won so many categories!

 * Miss George Clooney’s Arm Candy……..and she fits right in, in this stunning dress! She looks perfect! I love the shape and her hair but you can’t go wrong with black!

Who did you love and who did you hate?????

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