Collector or Hoarder?

Everyday when I walk by my “collection” I think …..I have gotta do a post about this and today I finally have! I am a collector……a collector of jewelry ( I think I get this from my Oma). I will start by saying that other than my wedding rings and a set of pearls that is all the “real” jewelry I own but that doesn’t mean my items are any less special!
What are my current favorite brands?
Stella & Dot, Express, Vera Wang for Kohl’s and JCrew (on sale of course) and I store them grouped by type and occasion…..

I have pieces that I can remember buying over 10 years ago and I can tell you what I wore it with or why I bought it. And about 50% of my collection has never been worn…..I “collect” it for that one special day when I might wear it!

I have this over the door shoe rack packed with over 200 pieces of jewelry….you will find $75 pieces mixed in with my clearance $2 find! This is only my bracelets and a portion of my longer necklaces! Yes, you heard me right only bracelets!

I don’t have everything stored in anything fancy just things that work for me……here are all my earrings that I keep in a 3 tier clear drawer…they are grouped starting from the top by Gold, Silver and Misc.
I have my favorites………

I have taken Matt’s old “Mens Valet” that he never used and I have found that it is the perfect way for me to display everything so that I find what I need. In the leopard box I keep my sentimental pieces and the wooden box you will find my costume rings that I hardly wear!

On the part of the valet meant to hang each days outfit I have taken over to hang my necklaces….it is perfect! There are vintage finds, JCrew splurges and pieces I just haven’t found the perfect outfit for yet….yet!

I will say I get 90% of my stuff on sale which makes me happy and helps me to justify my expanding collection to Matt! So what do you collect?
I would love to someday add something real to my collection (hint hint Matt)!!! We shall see! Until then…….if you need something you know where to find me! LOL

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  1. Becky
    January 25, 2012 / 5:30 pm

    I love it! I need to start shopping at Nicole's when I need accessories ;D

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