Are you ready for picture overload???? I can not believe that Christmas has already came and went this year! For me, it never even felt like Christmas….it was weird this year! Matt and I went back and forth between our two families this weekend and we had a wonderful time! But do you feel like you need a Holiday from your Holiday????
Pile of presents at my parents…………..who wants to dive in?

Betsy has decided that she is in love with Matt…..can I blame her? My parents dog never left Matts side and he gave her all sorts of extra attention! She was over the moon, she is chewing on a Santa that Matt and I got her for Christmas!

My mom has opened one of the presents from Matt and I ……a new JCrew necklace! I love their jewelry, everyone should have at least something from there! She already wore the necklace on Monday!

Marissa and her “stash”…she opened up a Durant Thunder Jersey and a bracelet set from JCrew in Thunder colors from Matt and I!!!

Oh ya…..this is happening…..they are giving each other “goggly eyes”! And they call it…..puppy love!!

Matty and I heading out the door on our way to Edmond to celebrate Christmas Eve with his family……….in case you were wondering the “Cranberry Salsa” I posted last week that I was making for Matt’s family get together…..was amazing!!!!!!

And boom……here we are about to open presents with his family after church!

Here is all the Savage ladies………… sister-in-laws Jenn, Colby(the bride to be) and my mother-in-law Micki!

Present time!!! Some things we got (from both families) I got a new JCrew Jacket, Old Navy Jacket, Matt got a nice Norelco shaver, Apple I-TV, Gift certificates, $$, kitchen stuff…..etc! It was great but like I always say….I love giving more than receiving!

Fast Forward to Christmas day at my parents house……..this is my cousin Brittany and my sis! Merry Christmas! We are just missing one person my brother who is somewhere on deployment! He sure was missed!

A typical picture for Matt and I………….. cheese! You can never have too many, can you? And ya, do you like the pictures behind us? That blonde……is ME! that is my Sr. Picture! lol!

Sisters, Sisters…………. I love that song from White Christmas!

Betsy chewing on another one of her Christmas presents! This is her very first Christmas, we are so lucky to have her!

Marissa made this handmade frame for Brittany as her Christmas gift……..very thoughtful! It is a picture of all of us from last years Christmas!

Cheese………….Matt hates being the center of attention! LOL

I got a mini cupcake maker and Red Velvet mix! You know I love anything kitchen related!!!! Yumm!

And Christmas is also another special day in our family………..Happy Birthday Brittany!!!! #22!!!!!!

Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours was! The only negative? I had a migraine every single day….and I woke up with one today too. I sure hope I can kick this awful cycle soon….I would love to enjoy this coming 4 day weekend more so than this last (health wise)!!!

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  1. mistymadisonjo
    December 28, 2011 / 4:04 pm

    Looks like you had a fabulous holiday! You are blessed in so many ways.

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