Photo Dump…

SO I am thinking maybe this 3rd post of the day when added to the others will actually together make 1 post that is a step above boring! HA! But I thought I would share with you what I have been up to….
Last Tuesday me and my friend Kaylyn hosted a combined Scentsy/Willow House/ Stella & Dot party at the JH office! And I had a great time, I am easy to please……..
Here is the set up……

My scents for everyone to test out and smell! We had about 10 people show up, we ate, drank and did some shopping!

Here is part of Kaylyn’s Stella & Dot set up….I could play with this stuff all night! I love their stuff! To shop on her site click HERE!

Last May-July Scentsy ran a promotion and if you met certain criteria each month you were given these HUGE limited edition Scentsy warmers….and I got all 3! They finally came last week and I was shocked they are HUGE and beautiful! Go me!

Last week I also had my one and only “show” of the year at a retirement center! Don’t laugh……it only cost me $20 to have a table and that rocks because that means after I make $20 everything there after is a bonus!! Here is my set up, all the stuff is what I “Acquire” thru out the year!

My mom was my helper and don’t worry she didn’t leave empty handed she got a bar, warmer and car candle out of this deal! These are some of the warmers I still have at home for anyone to purchase that I mentioned earlier!

Then……last Thursday was my JH Christmas party and I was excited that Matt was able to get off of work to come with me! Here we are on our way out the door………

Here are some of my favorite gals…….Kaylyn, Margo and Becky! And don’t you just Love Becky’s hair? I Love love her hair!

Matty and I were first in line for food (shocker)…..the party was at Northpark mall at Rococo’s! The food was great and the company was perfect!

Becky, me and my dear friend Allison who recently announced she is pregnant….have you ever seen a more beautiful pregnant person? She radiates with happiness and I am so happy for them! Congrats to Al and Mike!

We just brought one gift as a couple and we went home with a shoe kit kit (yay-NOT)! What did we bring???? A 5lb Gummy Bear from Red Envelope! I am not kidding either, I thought it rocked!

I love this picture….Becky got this hand towel in Dirty Santa and might I add that no one in her family plays or watches football! LOL! (Sorry if you are reading this and that was what your brought, lol)

Whew! Yes, that was a busy week!!! Things only get busier as Christmas approaches huh?


  1. Lindsey Leigh
    December 6, 2011 / 6:54 pm

    Fun! Do you have a scentsy site where I could look at stuff? thinking of ordering some 🙂 wanted to share the love with a blog friend instead of the randos set up at the mall! lol

  2. Becky
    December 6, 2011 / 10:01 pm

    What do your new "big" warmers look like? I wanna see more than just the boxes.

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