Movie Mania…

We saw 2 movies this weekend…last night we saw the Sherlock Holmes for my Mom’s Birthday and my family really enjoyed this movie. Me? I will say the way the movie is shot is very cool but for me this is a renter. I don’t know…..I didn’t think it was funny or even very complex. Dude wants to ruin the world with weapons Holmes adverts this.? Nothing new, but to each their own! And the whole time I kept looking at Jude Law’s head trying to figure out his hair piece! Because in real life is is lacking hair.

Matt and I saw the new Mission Impossible friday night in the balcony and this was WAY more my style. I loved it…..this had action, humor, amazing cast and the setting was stunning! I really loved this movie! The only thing I can say about this movie is Tom Cruise’s height kept changing! HA

SO we all know I LOVE movies and I LOVE the previews before the movies….in fact I will NOT go to a movie if I am going to miss the previews. I love them because it shows me what I have to look forward to but really because I love the trailers themselves. I love to spot and dissect the trailers that are better than the others…….Do they give you the jest? Do they get you excited? And the music is SO important, it can hype you up and/or give you the over all feel of that movie. I truly think this would be my dream job and I would be good at it (making trailers). I am sure there have been SO many trailers I have recently loved but here are a few on my mind….you may not like these or think I am silly but maybe I am!

I love love love this trailer because……… I love the cut aways, the high action clips and the music 100% makes this trailer and gets me all hyped up! This is perfection……..

I love/hate this trailer……Why? This one trailer with hardly no words gets you in the heart with music……this 2 minutes and 30seconds literally makes me cry. This trailer packs so much emotion, I have never seen a trailer like this before. Am I going to see it? I don’t think I can, if I cry and get filled with so much emotion just watching this trailer I don’t think I can make it thru the movie. This is epic…..

This trailer debuted this weekend and true the movie may not be that great, ending of the trailer is silly and sadly it looks like the kill off my dear Channing Tatum BUT the music is why I like this trailer…..this music gets you excited…no?

OK, there are more that I love but this could go on for days! Maybe in another life I will make trailers!

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