Men Gift Ideas!

First off, Warning….there may be several posts coming today! I have a lot to share! First off….Matt’s Christmas, I know I know….I just can’t wait! I am going to show you what all I got Matt and maybe if you need a last minute gift you will find something you like!!!!
Matt and Abner snuggling “Pre-Gifts”…………

First off I got Matt a 5 pound Cherry Gummy bear! No joke, he loved it! What a silly and fun gift! Talk about Gummy Tummy if you ate the whole thing in one day! I would be so sick!

He dove right in and demolished a ear!!! LOL! You can get this for your man or kiddos at Red Envelope by clicking HERE!

Next Matt got a ton of new shirts from Old Navy and a nice scarf to go with his suits for work! Old Navy fits Matt so well, I just love that store!!!

I saw this gift idea in a magazine and they were right, Matt loved it! It is a book about the Science of sports! Like why does a curve ball curve? What goes into a 3 pointer? This would be a great gift for any man in your life who likes sports as much as my hubby does! I got this at Spoon Sisters and you can order yours HERE!

I am silly, I told Matt….lets open 1 of your presents and when I see how much fun that is…..I push them all onto him! And he didn’t resist! HA

This was one of his BIG gifts! I know what your thinking….what? That bottle opener cost what? But a gift is something unique that the recipient doesn’t need but never knew they wanted! This is a bottle opener made from an actual bat used by the St. Louis Cardinals in a MLB game! It even comes with an authenticity certificate!!!! I got this at Uncommon Goods and you can get yours HERE

His last gift was his other BIG gift and this one is SOO neat….this gift is SO neat it is completely sold out at Red Envelope! I ordered this about 2 months ago and then a few weeks ago this was featured in the Today show so hence the sold-out-ness! These aviators are ACTUAL aviators worn by a fighter pilot in WWII!!! They have been “re-claimed” and then sold to people like me! They also come with a certificate of authenticity and the story behind them! The leather sunglass case comes with your initials embossed onto them! Matt loved them, they not only look so good on him but they are so cool! You can see them HERE

Our sweet Ralphie had to get in the mix to see what all the mess was about! He is laying next to his new Christmas toy which he later destroyed!

Matt will still  have his stocking on Christmas Day with some fun little gifts inside but he is DONE! And lucky me, he loved everything! Let me know if you use any of my ideas!

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  1. Becky
    December 19, 2011 / 5:02 pm

    You crack me up! You just can't help but give gifts early. And the sunglasses look awesome on Matt!

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