It’s Christmas time….in the city….

I thought I would share some of our Christmas happenings with you all! Saturday night we had Matt’s work Christmas dinner and on our way home we drove thru the Chesapeake lights! If you don’t live in Oklahoma this is a HUGE oil and gas company who go ALL out for Christmas! This year they were stunning multi-colored………..

If you notice behind us some trees are white and others have colors…..well, the trees changed colors!! I know, it literally boggled my mind it was so neat! You and your family should go to see the lights!

My great friend Becky dropped off goodies while we were out on Saturday……such a nice surprise to come home to cookies and Holiday mix…….until……..

Sunday night I moved her beautiful box to the fireplace so I would have more counter space, I should of known better!!! When we got home from the movies we found the wrapper that contained no bake cookies in them all across the living room………

And then we found Oscar under the tree pounding cookies! So….I guess they were good because Oscar was not about to give that cookie up! They ate every last bite! We watched the dogs like a hawk that night since they consumed so much chocolate! They were fine…..thank goodness! It is always something at my house! ha….Notice his shifty side eyes…….his warning! ha

Sunday night I also had my family over for dinner to celebrate my Mom’s Birthday! Here is my table for the “adults” ….Matt, my sister and I have to eat at a card table in the living room! HAHA! I made……. Mushroom soup, Stuffed pork tenderloin, cauliflower gratin, truffle mash potatoes and a lemon curd cake! Everyone loved it………I love making others happy with food!

Here are Mom’s presents under the tree……. we got her the new Coach perfume, a JCrew necklace and some odds and ends from Sur La Table!

She loved everything………….

So this morning at 7am Matt took a page out of my book and made me open my Christmas present and I got a IPad 2! I am excited to play around on it! Thanks love

I know this is not an awesome video but this is the courtyard at Chesapeake and the lights dance to music! If you live in Okc you must check this out….don’t miss out!

Well 2 more work days after today! YIPPEE!!!!

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  1. Becky
    December 20, 2011 / 4:51 pm

    OMG! Shame on Oscar…hehehe. We will have to make you some more so YOU can enjoy the chocolate.

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