Christmas Cheer!

Sunday night after Christmas at my parents house Matt and I, Marissa and my cousin AKA the Birthday Girl got to go cheer on the Thunder at the Season opener! Thunder Up!

We were all very excited and thankful that my parents decided to stay home and give the 4 of us their season tickets for the night!

There is nothing like a Thunder Pre-Game and then while we wait for players come out Okc fans go crazy! This video captures our tradition of clapping, cheering and not taking a seat until we make our first basket it So fun! Now this video is awful quality but this is the arena waiting for the game opening jump ball……

Our boys came back…..better, stronger, faster and ready to go ALL the way! Thunder UP!

Awe…..I LOVED Santa Rumble! The people in the seats behind us said “look its the bull” No friends…….he is a BISON! hehehe

Marissa and Brittany fueling up on popcorn to give them energy to cheer on our team!

Most games Matt is at work so it is just me going to the games with my family, so it is always nice when Matt gets to come along!!!!

Yo…..KD! I just LOVE Kevin Durant!! On Christmas Eve he drove around (he drives a mini van and that is not a joke) he drove around OKC tweeting his location and when people found him he gave out his signature gold #35 Nikes in gold that he is wearing in this game. He is such a nice person!

And boy I LOVED the girls in their cute Santa outfits they looked so pretty! Now as for their dance? Not so much but they are so fun to look at!!!

We WON! Which was the perfect day to end Christmas!

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  1. Becky
    December 29, 2011 / 3:52 pm

    I can't wait to go see our first Thunder game in a few weeks. We may have to borrow some shirts from you so we can show our Thunder spirit!

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