Ultimate Twilight Fan Link Up……

I came across this blog that is hosting a Twilight Fan Link UP and I had to participate because I mean isn’t today a Holiday? The Breaking Dawn has finally arrived Holiday?


You answer these questions then link up by clicking on the picture above to be directed to the host site! You only have to answer 5 questions and you can see all the question options on their blog!

1. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release?
No, I didn’t…….my friends and I are going tomorrow night to see the movie in the Warren Balcony! Nothing better than having assigned seats!

2. Scene you’re most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?

uh, Hello?

3. Team Edward or Jacob?

I really love them both…..but come on…….

4. Favorite book in the Saga?

I would say Twilight because it was the first book that hooked me and welcomed me into the world of Stephanie Meyers!

5. Why do you love Twilight?
I have always loved to read and I love Twilight because when I read this series it made me even more excited about reading in general! I love Twilight because it gives my girlfriends and I something silly to talk about and look forward to!

6. Are the books or movies better?

Books of course but I LOVE seeing a book I love come to life on the screen even if it isn’t perfect!

So for all of you who went to the Midnight showing…..how was it? I can’t WAIT! TGIF

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