I’m ALIVE!!!!

Hi friends!!! I have missed you all, I finally crawled out of my hole for a little bit today……feels good! I am going to try to catch you up on where I have been lately………
Last Friday I made subs for charity for 6 hours with JH!! It was a lot of fun and we made OVER 1300 on Friday! I mean that is a lot of work and we rocked it……….

Saturday night Matt and I ventured out to go see In Time at the Warren… it was an entertaining movie and the story was intriguing but honestly just wait until it comes out on DVD…..no need to run out to go see this one!

The past two days this has been me…………………..
I have been working my butt off to turn in a hard project for work and WHEW! I did! It feels good to this one off my back! So today I was able to come up for air as I started something new!

Lastly, if you live in Oklahoma then you will know all this but if you don’t then here is what has happened in Oklahoma in a 3 day time span………
* 3 Earthquakes the biggest being 5.6
* Thunderstorms and flooding
* Tornado outbreak
Yes, it appears to be the end of time drawing near! I will say they earthquakes really freaked me out! A tornado you have warning but this just happens so fast……all of a sudden our glasses are clanking and the whole house is moving back and forth. I can really do without ever going thru that again!
This video is great……..you can see Kirk’s eyes bug out of his head and then he tries to stay composed while going thru a earthquake…………. enjoy!

And I will leave you all with this important “How to Survive Oklahoma” Flow Chart……………..

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  1. Becky
    November 9, 2011 / 8:41 pm

    OMG! I love the flow chart. I am going to have to steal it!

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