Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that today is a new day and I promise promise bloggy followers that my downward spiral of “debbie downer-ness” will pass and I will not depress you all for much longer! But the saying “When it rains it pours” is so correct!

* I am thankful for the rental car and I am hopeful that I will hear something on my car today. But shelling out any money for this car will be hard. And I will be EXTRA careful to not lock the keys in it again! ugg

* I am thankful that today is here and last night is over. Last night around 7 I felt a migraine coming on and this turned out to be the worst one in probably a year, I have no idea why…. Stress I think! I threw up all night and the pain was so bad I almost got up to drive myself to the ER. You can’t imagine what it is like… was like someone peeled my skin on my head off and was scraping my skull with a dull knife! (Sorry gross but true) But I realized that with migraines the ER wouldn’t be able to help me more than I can at home. I cried and prayed to please let it ease up so I can sleep. When I am so so sick and nothing is working I can go to a dark place…..last night was hard. I am thankful I feel better (better being the key word) today but I am worried about rebound migraines today….I have a cooking class with mom tonight that I do not want to miss! We shall see

* I am thankful that even thought Abner is not as “silent” as he should be…..things seem to be going well! I hope this continues for the next month!

What are you Thankful for Today??

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  1. Erin
    October 13, 2011 / 1:36 pm

    Praying for you sweet girl! I suffer with migraines too, so I know exactly how you feel!! When it gets that bad, I usually just go to the hospital and get them to give me a shot of Demerol.Hope you feel better today and are able to make it to the class tonight! 🙂

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