My week….

Hi Friends….it’s FRIDAY! Yippee! I thought I would catch you guys up on my busy week……
First of all, my car has been getting me from point A to B all week! Which is so nice! Does it still make me a little nervous? Yes, but after something happens with your car I think that is natural!! But being dependent on others to drive you places is the worst! So huge thanks to Matt and his dad for getting me back up and running!

Second, I will know later this morning if Abner gets to come home today!! I have called everyday to check on him and we miss him so much. They said that even though the treatment is painful that he has been so brave and not cried once! They said he is tired but in good spirits and he is eating his food, which is so good! Diarrhea and vomiting can be associated with the treatment, neither which he has had…..we are so lucky and I hope his recovery at home will go just as smooth!

My boys at home have been wondering where Abner is and I will blame that change for causing Oscar’s rampage yesterday! When I got home from my office I found stuff littered all over our home office and one of the things I found was my Mac charger…………

And did you know it cost us 85$ to replace? INSANE! When we asked Oscar “Who did this?” ….he slowly tucked his tail and walked out of the room…priceless!

I wanted to share with you all that a fellow blogger I met who doesn’t even live in Oklahoma had a Scentsy online party last month with me. We set her up a link on my website and all her friends and family who ordered thru my site went to her hostess rewards! We left the party open for 2 weeks and in the end she got over $100 in free Scentsy! It was SOOO easy…..all you have to do is direct people to the site and WHAM… stuff! If you are interest let me know……NOW is the best time ever with the Holidays around the corner! Leave me a comment with your email if you are interested! Here is my site so you can see what Scentsy has to offer……. Click HERE

Have a great Friday friends!


  1. Amy
    October 7, 2011 / 2:16 pm

    So glad to hear Abner is doing ok on his treatment. I was driving home last night and thought about Abner and said a little prayer for him and you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated. Isn't it interesting how animals react when something is out of place in their lives…much like humans! Our dogs usually chew something up, as well, if they don't like what is happening in their world. It's almost like their version of throwing a fit, as a child would…very interesting!

  2. Erin
    October 7, 2011 / 4:08 pm

    SO glad that Abner is doing good!! I've been thinking about him a lot this week. I have to admit that I usually slack on giving Lex her heart worm meds. I'll do one month, miss the next, and so on – not anymore, this was my wake up call. I SO enjoyed doing that party with you!! IT WAS SO EASY!!! And I LOVE all my stuff that I got. Thank you again for everything!! 🙂

  3. sarahbert
    October 10, 2011 / 7:36 pm

    Hi Nicole, I'm a longtime "lurker" without a blog but I love reading your updates and I've been thinking about doing a scentsy party for a while…could you message me with some more information? THANKS!

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