Goodbye for now…..

 Well folks…here she is…..Matt thought last night that it was my battery because that is what it seemed to be but after installing a new battery ……….nothing! So Matt was on the phone with his dad who did some digging and found out online that a lot of people have trouble when their alarm and keyless entry shorts out which can cause the car to die. I mean you never know this might be it……

 So for the past 30 minutes I have been out with the tow truck guy trying to get my car out of the garage. It wouldn’t even switch into gear or turn over….so getting it out and down my sloped drive way was not easy.

 And there she goes my friends! Hopefully by this time tomorrow we will hear news and they will magically say it was something so simple and it costs next to nothing? Hey it could happen, fingers crossed.

 And here is the crappy stand in. I mean who can survive without a car? I have things to do I can not be stuck at home……so here is my Go-Cart rental that smells like bacon! When was the last time you used a key to open a car door or cranked down the window by hand? Well friends, I just did!

I will keep you posted……and while this was happening I am even more of a wreck…Abner who is suppose to have a “silent” recovery which is SO important for his health has been barking all day. I literally want to crawl back into bed!

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