Friday Free-for-All

Hi Friends! First of all THANK you for the Anniversary wishes, mucho appreciated!!! And no, we didn’t celebrate yet because I had JH last night so tonight we are going to The Melting Pot! It is somewhat of a tradition for us and of course it’s yummy!

Have you guys seen the preview for Puss in Boots? I will say I do not like animated movies but this looks beyond cute!!!! I think because I have a cat and my parents have 2! Silly, I know but I love how they incorporated real cat traits into the movie!!!  Here is the trailer…..

Saturday we are going to watch the OU game at my parents while eating Chili and celebrating over cake for Matt’s 31st Birthday (which is Sunday)! Then on Sunday I am going to cook a special dinner for him which I look forward to! I know, this is a great week for Matt huh? LOL! But I will say it over and over I love this week…..I like his birthday better than mine!

Sooo I want to do something Halloween-ish this weekend…….so has anyone seen the Paranormal movie? How scary is it? I am a baby…so someone let me know!

What do you all have going on this weekend?

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