Evil Dead the Musical…..

 Hi Friends! I wanted to let you guys know something fun Matt and I are doing Saturday October 22……we are going to Drumright, Ok to see Evil Dead the Musical! This is a silly, adult Halloween Musical that inclues Vampires, Zombies and chainsaws!!!. You heard me right…….people singing about chopping people up! The musical is outside and it is with the Haunted Forest in Drumright so there are a few things to do! I wanted to let you all know in case anyone else wanted to go we will see you there!
The fun part is you get to choose your “type” of ticket………
We picked Non Splatter Zone….

 BUT, if you want to wear something that can get ruined you can sit in the splatter zone! As in ….fake blood splatter zone!

I had some friends who went last year and they said it was a silly, fun and unique time! I feel like here it is my favorite month and I haven’t done anything to celebrate it! SO I am excited to do something “Halloweenie”  If you are interest click HERE to visit the site! Let me know if anyone decides to go!

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