Last Friday night I went with my mom, aunt and 2 of my mom’s girlfriends to eat a wonderful Italian dinner at Stella in Midtown if you haven’t eaten there you should go!  And then we went on to see Rob Lowe speak at the Integris Woman’s Conference at our Civic Center! Here is my mom and I before the show….we were like 12 rows back, which was fun!

 My camera wasn’t taking the best pictures that night but I was able to find 2 that were not horrible to share with you!! Rob Lowe was a few things…….
1. Much Shorter than I thought he would be
2. Very very charming and kind
3. Very heartfelt.
Rob Lowe spoke among other things about how his mother and grandmother both passed away from breast cancer and how his dad is a cancer survivor. Rob is actually the only male spokesman for breast cancer thru the Lee Jeans campaign. You can see that he truly does care about the cause.

 He spoke on health, family and how he filmed his very first movie, you have have heard about it The Outsiders (ha) in Tulsa, Ok! He talked about how much he loves Oklahoma and even our Thunder! (Thunder Up!)

Overall it was such a neat night with friends and family! So glad we got to go, it’s not everyday a big celeb comes to Okc! hehe

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