Going to the Chapel….

Saturday night Matt and I got all dressed up to go to a beautiful wedding, my friend Sarah who happens to be our JH president got married!
The wedding reception was at the Skirvin which is a beautiful historic hotel downtown!!

The bride was stunning! I told her that since she is tall, blonde, beautiful…..it was like she was made to wear a wedding gown! Here is the bride with my great JH girlfriends who attended the wedding!

We had a great time….the food was amazing, we loaded up on the candy buffet and we had so much fun in the photo booth! This is Sarah and Laci who I adore!

I love weddings don’t you? And not just the cake!


  1. Becky
    August 16, 2011 / 8:32 pm

    Oh my! She was beautiful and all of you girls are gorgeous too!

  2. Anonymous
    August 16, 2011 / 11:33 pm

    Love your dress Nicole!

  3. Caroline
    August 17, 2011 / 1:42 am

    You and the bride look so beautiful! Your dress is fantastic.

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