10 Days of ME!

I am almost there……today is 2 Song Day! And to be honest I don’t have 2 songs that I just love, 2 songs that mean something. I know kinda weird right? So……here goes!

* Sunday Kinda Love, Etta James

This was Matt and I’s first dance at our wedding…….I picked it for a few reasons….

1. I picked all the “special” songs be in the same genre……classic songs like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, etc!

2. When we were dating and during our engagement I was not only working full time but dancing for the Arena Football Team as well as our NBA team and most every week Sunday was the ONLY day we spent together. I was gone more than 70 hours a week…….and you can’t count being in the same arena as quality time! HA!

I hope you enjoy this song……….

*Dream by Priscilla Ahn

I love this beautiful song, the lyrics are perfection and the sound is well….Dreamy. Enjoy…

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