10 days of ME!??

Well, so …..it seems that the 10 days of me is stretching out to 20 days of me! I just keep forgetting each  day to post these! So here we go with Day 6: Six Places! I am going to show you 6 places I hope to visit in my life and I think they are very reachable!

1. Fiji/Bora Bora/Maldives

I day dream about going to any of the exotic locations above and staying in these bungalows over the water! I mean swoon! 

 2. Rome
I love history….. I am dying to go and see the Colosseum in person! I want to visit all the amazing locals in Italy and to step back in time! My dream is to buy Rosette Stone to learn Italian and then go on vacation there!

 3. Fall Foliage
I want to travel thru the East coast during the fall…I want to hit up Boston, Salem to learn about the Witch trials and continue heading up north during my favorite time of year!

4. Egypt

Growing up I thought I wanted to be an archeologist (I still do) …..so I long to visit Petra, the museums holding the mummies and the Pyramids! 

 5. Alaska
I want to go visit Alaska, the landscapes that I can see on pictures or TV is breath taking! I think it would be fun to take an Alaskan Cruise and stop at all the great ports!

 6. NYC
I want to go to NYC but at Christmas time where I can imagine that I have stepped into a movie. I am sure the crowds are insane and the prices will sky rocket….but I do not care!

Where are you dying to go?


  1. Becky
    August 9, 2011 / 3:06 pm

    Great places!

  2. Amy
    August 9, 2011 / 5:55 pm

    Those are great places! I want to visit Italy so bad I can taste it. I have some friends that just moved there and I'm jealous. They invited us to visit and I think we'll have to take them up on their offer. You would LOVE Boston in the fall. I went a few years ago and it's GORGEOUS! All the rich colors, history, and culture…LOVE! I'd go back in a heartbeat!

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