10 days of ME!

Today is Day 7- 7 Wants! I think when it comes to wants you can get very deep or say things that you just plain want…..so I will try to give you a little of both!!!!!

* A New Vehicle! I waiver each day on what kind of vehicle I actually want but what I know for sure is a SUV. I have a Trailblazer now that is pushing 150,000 miles! I am leaning towards a Tahoe or Yukon…..Big and all american!

* A New House! I think until you own your first home you don’t know exactly what you want and here is the short list of things I want in a new home that I don’t have now……. And these are not “dream” wants but realistic wants in a next home!

1. A nice master bath with a soaking tub- I haven’t taken a bath in at least 10 years, something about the tub/shower combo that we have now that creeps me out. And a real shower!!!

2. A formal dining room! Now we have a eat in kitchen and we can only seat 4 people ….so we brake out a card table but I dream of a nice formal dining room where I can host people!

3. A BIG kitchen with more than 2 feet of counter space! 

3. 3 bedrooms/1 study and a covered patio

* I want to get some discipline when it comes to working out! Do you know where I can find some?

*  I want to start a animal rescue non-profit someday! I will scour the city in a large van rescuing animals from the streets! I am for real! I would love to have volunteer vets on call to help with the needs before I find the animals loving homes. 

* I want to go on a nice vacation with Matt other than the weekend trip to Denver last year for his Birthday we have not been on a vacation that was not work related SINCE our honeymoon! Pathetic!

* I want the discipline to go Vegetarian. I mean if you love all animals as much as me, I should be one without even thinking. I struggle with this because I LOVE cooking so much and I love a good steak. For now I try to be a vegetarian during the week when it is just me…..it is a start.

* I want to be blissfully happy…..Now and forever. who doesn’t?

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