10 Days of ME!

Today is Day Eight; 8 Fears! In no particular order………

1. Spiders– I will not even step on them! When I lived alone one time a spider was in my bedroom doorway and I froze…so I had to call my granddad who came over, flushed it and left! Whew! Close call!
2. Nightmares– I always fear that each night I will have one, I get very bad night terrors….you can not even imagine it is like a slasher flick in my head!
3. Having a wreck– I had a bad wreck a few years ago, someone came over on me while on the highway which caused me to swerve across 3 lanes and land in the guard rail. It could of been so much worse, I fear drivers coming over into my lane all the time.
4. “The Call”– I fear the call……I am 30 years old and have my Oma and Granddad who are like parents to me. I think when you still have your grandparents when you are my age you realize how lucky you are and I fear the day I will get a call notifying me otherwise. Morbid I know, but I am honest….it scares me.
5. Something happening to my animals– I literally do not know what I will do when and if something happens to them. I love them so much it hurts.
6. I always fear the next migraine. enough. said.
7. I fear the time when my brother will be deployed– I realize he lives in San Diego now and we do not see each other or talk regularly….so in that regard it will not be too different….BUT it will. No one enjoys having a loved one in a war zone!
8. Moving– many know that there is a chance that Matt and I will have to relocate next year for his job and it scares me to death. I have never lived anywhere but my happy 20 mile radius I live in now. I could go on and on about this but plain and simple….it scares me.

What scares you? Start this challenge for yourself….it’s fun!

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