This past Saturday Matt and I went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the highly anticipated Passages Biblical Exhibit. Here is an overview of the exhibit I took from the website, the description is better than I could of given…
Passages is a 14,000-square-foot interactive, multimedia exhibition for all ages. It features some of the most exquisite and rare biblical manuscripts, printed Bibles, and historical items in the world. These cultural treasures include a Dead Sea Scroll text, ancient biblical papyri, beautifully illuminated manuscripts, early printed materials, including a portion of the Gutenberg Bible, and multiple first editions of the English Bible through the King James Version.

 This collection is entirely owned by 1 Oklahoma Family which amazes me! It is owned by the Green’s who own Hobby Lobby, they are such a nice family too from everything I hear… sister is friends with the girls in the family who are also Tri Delts at OU. I mean just think about that how amazing that your family has your own curator and that you own the largest collection of Biblical artifacts anywhere? What is also neat is that this exhibit can only be seen in 3 places over the next year before it is retired……Okc, NYC and the Vatican. So if you live near Okc I urge you to see this amazing historical exhibit while you can. You can visit the website for more info by clicking HERE!

 When you go thru the exhibit you are given an IPod with additional information on each piece but you have to be picky the IPod is full of over 9 hours of information on the collection! I will tell you to see in person such rare pieces was absolutely amazing. What was my favorite artifact we saw? In a small case was a portion of the original Dead Sea Scrolls and on that piece of papyrus was Genesis 1:1 and it will take your breath away to see such an important piece of Christian history. This piece is so rare that the case is dark and only lights up every few minutes so the artifact isn’t exposed to any elements. I mean how amazing? The collection also has Bible’s in every language and spanning throughout time….it was amazing to see how the Bible has evolved. They also have a case devoted to beautiful Bible’s some of which are covered in a Mother of Pearl case or hundreds of Ruby’s….breathtaking.

 The negative? Well each case has an information stand beside it to explain to you what you are looking at…….and it seems that whoever wrote the information didn’t realize that not everyone reading this is a curator or majored in Theology. They were so hard to understand it was like reading gibberish and that isn’t just my opinion but others as well. What I wanted to know more than anything is when was this piece found? Where was it excavated? What time does this piece appear to have come from? And none of that information was anywhere to be found. So in that regard it was very disappointing.

Overall this is a once in a lifetime exhibit and you should go…..I may go again but during the week this time in hopes that it isn’t so busy. It was hard to have enough room and time to see each case when the room is filled with 40 people. You have until October to see this in OKC before it moves on to the Vatican.

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  1. Jodie
    July 7, 2011 / 5:32 pm

    How awesome!! My sister works right by the museumgr, I might go check that out tomorrow!!

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