10 Days of ME!

Day Two: Nine LOVES!

1. My Animals……

We know I love ALL animals very much but my 4 in particular!! My dogs Abner, Oscar, Ralph and my cat Bella! I swear I love them so much it hurts…..I know some people think this is crazy and some people say to me “Just wait to you have kids you won’t love them the same” Well friends…..that pisses me off! They are my children and you can not tell me any different, I love how they each have different personalities and I love spending time with them!

 2. Concerts!
I love going to concerts! The prices lately are so high I don’t get to go as much as I would like but lucky me I have 2 coming up….Journey and Incubus!(Vastly different, I know) I have seen Incubus 4 times and Journey twice and I am excited to add 1 more to both. I could go on and on…. I have probably been to over 30 concerts! I will bore you all with a list one day!

 3. Books!
I LOVE books and reading! I love talking books with people and getting excited when a new book I have been looking forward to is coming out! I love reading right before bed, it is such a relaxing way to end the day!

 4. FOOD!
I love cooking, watching cooking shows and reading cooking magazines! Love love love it! Enough said!

 5. Movies!
I love going to the movies, it is such an escape and I love the whole movie experience! I mean I have said so many times “ah, I wish I lived in a movie”…silly, I know!

 6. Rusty
Sadly the 1 year Anniv. of Rusty’s passing is this Sunday….I still can’t believe he is gone. People may think I am crazy but it still hurts to think of him and how he is gone…..it makes my heart literally ache. I love him more each day and will miss him always! I heart Rusty!

 7. Thunder Up!
I love the Okc Thunder! I love the players, the games and the experience!!! Can’t wait for the season to start on November 1st! The NBA better figure this “lock out” or whatever it is FAST!

 8. Matty!
Of course, I love Matt and he should of been #1 but these are not ranked in any order…….just the order I uploaded the pictures to blogger!  I love the time we spend together which is not much due to his crazy work schedule! I look forward to the future when he can get a more “normal” work schedule and we can enjoy the small things like eating a meal together again!

 9. TV
We all know I love my TV! So pathetic, nothing I love is “active” but at least I am honest! I love nothing more than laying on the couch after a long day and watching shows with my animals! It is pure bliss to me!

So friends what do you love?

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