Who am I?

I think we all have done “fill in the blank” things like this a lot but maybe you will learn something new about me today!!! Here goes……

Who I Am…

I am…30, a Taurus, a sister, a wife, a mom to my animals and a friend.

I want…lots of things! I’m a wanter. Sigh.

I have…a deep love for all God’s creatures.

I wish…We knew where Matt’s job would take us so we can get on with our lives. As in will his district be here? Can he stop working these insane hours? Can we buy a new home? When will the rest of our lives start?

I hate…when you open a door for someone, let someone in on the highway or do any acts of kindness and the person doesn’t acknowledge you…..as if it was my job to do that for them. (I am talking to you older people)

I fear…the future sometimes. I am weird. I am a planner.

I hear…my dogs barking in the backyard right now. Oscar is probably “securing” the property…..he is so helpful! LOL

I search…to find myself.

I wonder…what our/my future will bring.

I regret…stuff…I tend to be someone who will relive a situation over and over.

I love…Matt, my family and my animals.

I ache…for animals…..I ache to save them, I ache to do more.

I always…read before bed, it has become my time to wind down. 

I usually…do a bad job at remembering friends Birthdays.

I am not…always a glass half full person, although I want to be.

I dance…in the car. I can not help but continue to “choreograph” dances in the car (in my head) to songs I love.

I sing…terribly. But I LOVE to sing in the car as long as no one hears me! 

I never…say never.

I sometimes…am too hard on myself. (maybe more than sometimes)

I cry…if anything remotely bad happens to animals. In movies or in real life. I cannot stomach any violence or mistreatment to them. But isn’t that the running theme here? Other than that everyone knows I rarely cry…ever.

I am not always…lazy but I have a tendency to be! lol

I lose…my patience easy………when people are late, change plans last minute etc.

I am confused…by people…..what are they thinking? 

I need…to be more positive. 

I should…follow thru more.

Who Are You?


  1. Becky
    June 21, 2011 / 7:12 pm

    These are so darn fun! Thanks for letting us learn a little more about you.

  2. Maria
    June 22, 2011 / 5:31 am

    Hi Nicole…I have been following your blog without truly following for months and months and idk why I never said hi…I'm pretty sure I found your blog through another blog as I was looking @ a bunch of them one night and since, I've been visiting every day! 🙂 I LOVE your blog and how much you switch it up, keep it fun, share awesome finds and pictures! I also blog…it's about my fertility journey and everything in between.Looking forward to continue following your journey!:) Maria

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