We have a winner!

So I can never figure out how to post the answer from the number generator so forgive the “copy and paste” version below but you get the point!

True Random Number Generator  14
Cami You WON!

Cami said…
Found it! I would put it in my laundry room. I just got a new washer and dryer which I am excited about and cute little rug. Now it needs the scentsy touch. 🙂

So Cami S. please send me your shipping address to my email nsavage@live.com and I will get this ordered for you TODAY! Congrats I hope you and your family will love this! I also hope it will brighten your laundry room!

I will say this giveaway is the highlight of my day…..my migraine has not eased up ONE bit and when I was running an errand over lunch I came across a stray little dog. For all your “Moore” peeps this was on 12th street so I pull over and spend the next 30minutes running up and down 12th street trying to catch this little thing. Oh yes, I even ran into traffic waving arms trying to get people NOT to run this poor puppy over. So if you saw a crazy person on 12th street around noon today that was me. Well I couldn’t catch it….it literally breaks my heart in two knowing that an animals is running in this heat. The high today is 104′ and this dog has no water. Man, I tried…….so today is an epic fail of a day!

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