Thankful Thursday

Today I am Thankful for a few things…….
* I am thankful that although I have things planned for this weekend there is not nearly as much to do as the past few weekends. I need a break and I also need to see and spend time with my husband!

* I am thankful that even though I wanted to pass out in the 100′ heat that I bit the bullet and worked in the yard. I trimmed, fertilized and laid down more mulch! Whew… back is sore today!

* I am thankful for my animals who make each day so much more enjoyable as I work from home. I call them my “Homies” ….because we all stay home together. (cheesy I know)

* I am thankful that this past weekend at our board retreat …..I was able to be myself, you see we have new board members who didn’t know me well. And I think that I left with new friends and that makes me very happy.

* I am thankful that I woke up today without a migraine… has been a very bad week and I am just praying that it doesn’t hit me later today!

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