I am filled with Glee!

Ok….Warning….Picture Overload…but this is the last of the vacation posts!
So on Sunday night we went to downtown San Diego and ate at a fancy steakhouse right by Petco Field where the Padres play! I got a glimpse of downtown on the drive……the “Gaslamp” district looks so fun….another vacation though!

Donovan’s was so yummy………..I had the most to die for melt in your mouth steak and the creme brulee ended the meal with perfection! Ok ok I am salivating just talking about it!

Here is the family all dolled up and ready to shove our faces with food! Good pick Curtis!

Do you recognize that grey dress below?  I showed you all last week that I ordered it from JCrew…I love it! It was comfortable and flattering (at least I hope it was)! So don’t be surprised if you see it again soon in pictures!

Ok now on to the good stuff……I went to Glee Live and I still can not believe that I got to see the cast in person! I mean they are so famous! (Ya ya I am a celeb-lover)

Check out these shirts………… I know so cute! I couldn’t decide which one to get but you all know how much I love the Warblers!!! And would you believe that they cost $40, gheesh? I can only imagine how people will look at me when I sport my Warblers shirt…..”who is the old lady in the kid shirt?” lol!

So much to my surprise the opening act was ALL dancers and Twitch from Step Up and So You Think You Can Dance was one of them! They were amazing!  The are called the “Legion of Extraordinary Dancers” and it is an online series you can watch it HERE!

Here we are fixing to scream our heads off for the rest of the night…….Cheese!!!

Sue Sylvester opened the show by having her “Cheerios” pass out barf bags in case we hated the show so much we needed to vomit! It was so funny!!

Here is the opening number……Journey “Don’t stop believing”!

And you know I loved this number…….here is Britney S. Pears performing “Slave”!! I think Heather Morris is a better Britney than Britney herself!

This was “Fat bottom girls” with Puck and Finn and notice that Finn is on the drums!! They are all so talented…..and Puck rocked it!

Lady Gaga time……the shirts that said things they were ashamed of from the show were for sale at the concert, a ton of people bought them!

Hey there Rachel Berry………”Fireworks”!!! Her voice was just as amazing in person if not better! But oddly she was not my favorite performer of the night!

Speaking of favorites……………. I Heart Blaine!!!! The Warblers sang “Raise your Glass” and “Teenage Dream”!! They were soo great and I screamed like a little girl!

We were so close…….. we were directly to the side of the stage about 20 rows up!

Quinn is even more pretty in person and here she is singing “Lucky”….kinda neat because I had just watched I am Number Four again before we left! I think she will be a big star!

Mercedes and Santana brought the house down….they may not be a favorite of mine on the show but they were too die for live!

The whole cast singing and bringing down the house…….

This was the last song Queen’s “Somebody to love” a favorite of mine! They ended the show with a ton of confetti being thrown into the audience. I shot a ton of videos but after trying ALL morning to upload them…..nadda! Sometimes I hate you blogger!

So guys……it’s ok, be jealous…..I am STILL pinching myself! This was one of the best concerts I have ever been too! I am even more into Glee now! If they are coming to a city near you….GO!

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  1. Becky
    June 3, 2011 / 1:49 am

    OMG! Your dress is adorable. I am SOOOO gonna have to borrow it.And the GLEE concert looks like so much dang fun!And…I am so game for that extra vacation to see the 'gaslight' district. 😉

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