Five for Friday

SO on this Five for Friday I am taking another page from my friend Becky’s Blog……she is taking this wonderful Five for Friday journey with me! This is all about how far have you been.………..

1. The Farthest North you have been…….

 About 20 years ago my family and I took a trip north and the Mall of America in Minneapolis and that is the farthest north I have ever been. I would love to go to NYC someday!

 2. Farthest South….
My second year in college me and my pledge sisters went to Acapulco for Spring Break!! And I spent most of that vacation in the bathroom with food poisoning… not eat “street food” after a booze cruise in Mexico. Just because they said it was a burger……….

 3. Farthest West
2 years ago Matt was chosen as one of the Top 10% of Farmers Agents in the US and we got to go to Toppers Club in Monterey, CA! It was like a dream…….

4. Farthest East…..
Months after Matt and I started dating he took me with him to Charlotte for his baseball reunion weekend. He played in college in case you didn’t know! Let’s just say the weekend didn’t go as planned but I didn’t dump him…. we worked out despite him being the worst host ever! LOL!!

 5. Farthest away from home you have lived…..
Well guys, NOT far…the farthest was my sorority house in Norman which is only 20 minutes from my parents house.

That was fun…….Your turn!
The Funeral is set for Monday at 10am.
I am off for the weekend on my JH Club Board of Directors Retreat! Hope I can focus and be as production as I normally would!

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