Calling all Okie friends…..

Hey Ladies (sorry if I do have any male readers this is for the gals)

Ok……in case you didn’t know I am the Junior Hospitality Clubs Provisional Director this year WHICH means I am in charge of your first year in the club. I will make sure it is easy, you get all the information you need and I am here to help you in anyway I can! (I am excited) Something I love is that over the years I have invited several friends who have joined and 2 of them are now serving on the board with me….that makes me smile. It makes me happy to share something I love so much and to have those friends love it also is amazing and NOT just because I invited them!

Well…..our first “event” is coming up at the end of July and this is a game night I plan where any new “potential members” can come for food, drinks and fun! You also get to meet the members, see where we meet and just get a feel for the club. Shortly after that we host a dinner party at our JH Office where we will tell you what it takes, what we do and answer any questions you have before our year starts! I am so excited about these 2 events.

SO…..I want to invite anyone who is interest in JH!! There is NO obligation to join if you come to either of those events and if it is not for you… no biggie, I have several friends who have done that in the past. I joined JH on a whim and I didn’t know anyone …I am so blessed I joined. I would love to answer ANY questions you have about our club! I am currently gathering information on girls who want to join and adding them to the invite for July! So I would LOVE to meet my blogger friends and make you my real life friends! If you are interested shoot me an email…….. 

Before I go here are a few things about JH….
* We are a woman’s service organization who has been around since 1934
* We volunteer monthly (you don’t have to come to everything)
* We raise money by selling our Famous Subs in the fall and hosting Chips for Charity in the spring…..all the proceeds goes toward our non-profit partner for the year! We have given out over 2 million dollars since we started!
* We meet only 1 night a month and we always have dinner ready for you at our meetings also!

That is just a brief over view! SO Ladies, I hope you consider this I would love to share something I love so much with all of you! I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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