You can’t win em all

So before I start my “can’t win em all” post… check out what Ellen tweeted this weekend! Okc’s hard work has paid off, how excited! I wonder when she will come!???

Saturday night was Game 3 against the Mavs and in addition to the almost 19,000 that were going to the actual game there was an additional 3,000 that came just to watch the game outside the arena….it was insane downtown!

Since they only give XXL shirts each game Matt has 6 new playoff shirts…..Thunder Pride!

Here it is 30 minutes before the game is set to start and loyal Thunder fans have already packed the arena to cheer on our team at pre-game practice!

This was an important game the series was tied 1-1 and this is the Western Conference Finals people!!!! But even though our guys tried we just were not up to par and we lost so heartbreaking! Tonight is Game 4 here in OKC, come on guys!

So, Oklahoma’s own Hanson sang the national anthem and they did great! Something cool is they stayed to watch the game and actually sat 2 rows away from us with their family! It was also nice to see them wear the Thunder shirts and cheer on the team!

Go Rumble…….Go Rumble………

The game opening Jump Ball……..

Get it KD!

So……..speaking of not being able to win em all………….. I spent like 2 hours last week baking a lime pound cake from Southern Living and I sprayed the pan like crazy BUT this happened!

I mean really? I was so upset, UGG!!!!!!!!!! In a fury I threw the whole thing away………I may be a good cook but everyone has mistakes and now I look back and laugh!

I had an over all great weekend! How was yours? I have a BUSY week ahead……I leave on Friday night for San Diego with my family to visit my brother for 4 days!

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