Thunder Thursday!

 Last night was Game 5 in the second round of the NBA playoffs and our Thunder was tackling Memphis! They set up a huge outside block party last night before the game, I love the energy at our Thunder games and playoff games like these are intense! Downtown is amazing, everyone is so nice and cheerful because we all love the same thing!

Last night was “White out” and for every playoff game everyone gets a free shirt and let me tell you if you don’t put it on they will put your face on the screen until you do….I love it when they do that!

I am lucky that my parents have season tickets and not just any seats….great seats on the lower level!

Last night Rumble our mascot repelled into the arena from the ceiling….it was so much fun too watch, he is so talented!

OKC has the best crowd around we rarely sit down or shut up……you will literally go home with no voice and our guys were on FIRE last night!

We killed them 99-72!!!! So this Friday will be Game 6 back in Memphis and we are up 3 wins to 2…so if we win Friday we win the series and will go on to Round 3 vs the Mavs!

I want you to somewhat feel and see what the game opening is like so I filmed it for you…….Now this is just my camera so it is not wonderful but to me there is NOTHING like an NBA pre-game! This video starts as Rumble is repelling into the arena as they call out our starting line up!!! I love seeing the dancer too….bring back the BEST memories, I can’t believe I use to do that!

So on this Thankful Thursday….I am thankful for our Thunder and our win! hehe

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  1. Jodie
    May 12, 2011 / 5:53 pm

    Woohoo!! It was an awesome game!! Love your shirt!!

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