Thankful Thursday

* I am thankful for my friends and family who helped me ring in my 30th last week! It was perfect

* I am SO thankful I work from home…..I mean there is nothing better than waking up, walking down the stairs and being at the office already (In PJ’s) . I also love that my dogs hang out in the office with me all day, I tell them “lets go to work” and we all go down the hall to the office! Lastly I love that if I have a errand than needs to be run I can use my lunch hour or start working earlier to have more of my afternoon! Love it!

* My Oscar was limping this week and I was so worried, I took him to the vet and I am Thankful it seems like he only bruised his shoulder muscles. I am thankful it is not something more…but still keep him in your prayers.

* I am so thankful for my cat Isabella…..she is the most snuggly little bug all night, her purrs put me to sleep! (I know you think I am weird)

* I am thankful for….no really, you can buy anything on that site…in one order I bought a cast iron skillet and nail polish. I may or may not be addicted to the one click shopping on Amazon!

* And lastly I am thankful for you…..all my readers! My blog is about to reach a few milestones……I really want to hit 100 followers soon…so if you are a reader please follow (On the left side 1/2 way down) I love to meet you!! Also I am almost at 1,000 blog posts! Can you believe it? So Thankful!

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