Super Saturday….

HA! Do you love me making you wait for the Murder Mystery Pics? SOrry, but putting together the 2 posts on the haunted house and dinner party are daunting…..they will come! Promise! BUT….in the meantime let’s talk about Saturday! Matt and I got home from the bed and breakfast around noon and after less than 4 hours of sleep we crashed on the couch all afternoon with the dogs, which was amazing might I add!! But we managed to get up in time to go to dinner with my family to celebrate my Birthday Part 2! We went to one of my favorite places….rePUBlic Gastropub in Okc, love this place….they have the best burgers and the coolest atmosphere!

Matty and I ready to grub……you know we love some good food! It was also such a nice relaxing dinner with the family including my aunt Heidi and my cousin Brittany!!

Matt loves that you can get these “flights”……these are small portions of all Oklahoma Beers!

Uh…so …..behold……my favorite burger….this has sauteed onions, mushrooms and is topped off with beer cheese fondu! Oh yes, you heard me right and the pretzel bun is too die for! Don’t judge, I asked for extra beer cheese sauce for dipping!

So I am pretty much obsessed with their shoestring fries……and the white dip is a truffle dip and I wanted to lick it clean, you would too I promise!

And HELLO! Mini donuts? You know this is right up my alley, you have no idea! The meal was great!

Ok, is it just me or do you think my sister Marissa and Matt look like they could be siblings?

We decided to do a fun/silly photo session after dinner…… is my sister and I with our cousin Brittany (right) and Marissa’s bestie Courtney who is pretty much family too! thanks for coming ladies!

Ok, you have permission to laugh but I have never done the whole “jump in a picture” thing so Marissa and I decided to give it a whirl and this is what came out! I laughed sooo hard…..I am so over excited if you can’t tell and we caught Marissa in the funniest half-way jump………

The DuBois Ladies back at the house fixing to do presents…………..

Marissa and I…..for a few weeks we were only 10 years apart but now it is back to 11 years….do you know that we will NEVER be in the same decade! So odd, or at least I think so!

So that was my Saturday night, such a fun night! Thanks Everyone!

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  1. Becky
    May 4, 2011 / 10:02 pm

    Great pics of you guys! I have got to get to RePublic.

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