Stone Lion Inn

 The Stone Lion Inn is the perfect mix of spooky, vintage, charming and creepy…….if there is a mix like that! The house was built in 1907 for a whopping $11,900….that was a ton of money back then! This house was owned by a very rich family and one of their children actually passed in this house. And that little girl is the one who is said to be haunting this place. Actually when SciFi’s Ghost Hunters came the EVP’s they caught were of a little girl asking to play hide and seek!

 This is the parlor room where the Murder Mystery took place, you really feel like you have stepped back in time when you are in this house. And yes, this house creaks, moans and makes all sort of noises!

 This is one of 2 dining rooms in the mansion and here it is set up for our 5 course Murder mystery dinner. I thought the food was great but I am easy to please! It was also great that our group got our own private dining room!

 So this is the bar they and the Inn provides all the mixers and you are welcome to bring your own liquor and wine. The lovely table it is on is an actual embalming table. Why you ask? This house was also a funeral home for over 8 years and that is the original embalming table that came with the house! Creepy huh?

 Matt and I got to stay in the biggest suite called the Wedding Suite. Here is our bed, we also had a bathroom with a vintage claw footed tub and a very creepy sitting room.

 Ok, so I bet you are wondering if anything paranormal happened to us? Well it did and you will NOT believe this! So I got NO sleep…..literally like maybe 4 hours tops, I just couldn’t sleep but when I finally did fall asleep I was woken up by a strange sound. Saturday morning I told Matt that last night I heard music from like a music box, it was very faint but it was 100% the sound of a music box. Matt laughed it off and I decided to investigate. So below you see the old fire place in our bedroom well there is a small brown box on top that you can see here and that morning I opened it to see what it was and………when I opened the box it was a music box, the exact music I heard the night before. I mean can you believe it?! Then that morning before breakfast Matt and I were walking around the house and there was an article framed about the paranormal activity and to my shock the first line of the second paragraph said that the faint sound of a music box being played is a common occurrence! So wow is all I have to say……very cool!

 This is the very creepy sitting room that was attached to our suite, something about this room gave us both the creeps so we left the door closed! And yes, that is a little old crib in the room….even creepier!

The experience of staying at the haunted Stone Lion Inn was amazing. I enjoyed it and learning about a house with so much history is always a neat time! Murder Mystery pictures will be nest!

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  1. Becky
    May 4, 2011 / 10:08 pm

    Ok…that is totally awesome! I can't wait to stay the night there, but I am so glad I decided against staying alone…I might have ended up in your room…hehehe.

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