MEGA Monday….

Are you all ready for what I have in store for you? A Mega Monday post to catch everyone up on where I have been and what I have been doing the past 3-4 days!!!! I am going to start off by giving you 2 movie reviews….yes, I saw 2 this weekend! HA

First up FAST FIVE……….let me tell you…I LOVED this movie! I am not like super into this series or anything but I have seen them all (and yes, Tokyo Drift was the worst movie ever) and this one TOPS them all! I love that “The Rock” is in this one, he is the perfect addition to the group. This movie is full of non-stop action and it has such a clever story line! I loved this movie………..

 Next up Bridesmaids I went to see with my mom and Becky………. I will say this is R and it is as raunchy as you would think but it is also laugh out loud funny! The cast is amazing and Kristin Wiig is hilarious as the reluctant Maid of Honor. You must grab some girlfriends and see this movie!!!

Let’s now back track to last Thursday…….I volunteered with a few of my JH ladies at one of my favorite organizations The Foundation for the Disabled. You can see by the sign that JH has a long standing relationship with the amazing group……..

 Thursday was their annual Prom dinner and dance the theme this year was Mardi Gras!!! We served dinner, mingled and watched everyone get their groove on!

 Here is a snap shot of the group, it really is nice to be a part of a night that is so special to so many. Anyone or group can volunteer by serving dinner at the Foundation if you would like more information leave me a comment and I can get your information on how you can help!

 Saturday was my Sister-in-law Colby’s High School graduation from Edmond North……a day we were excited to be able to share in. Here is the class of 2011 all 560 of them…..

 After graduation we all went to lunch then came back to Matt’s parents home for cake and opened presents!!! Matt’s extended family was in town for the occasion so we used the opportunity to get some family pictures! It was such a fun day spent with so many people I love! Congrats Colby……..she is now off to hair school, GOOD LUCK!

 Sunday was a VERY special day for OKC……it was Game 7 in the second round of the NBA playoff and we were tied 3 games each with Memphis! Here is Marissa and I so excited and ready for the game and we thought the Thunder needs like a hand signal……so we have dubbed the thumbs up…..THUNDER UP! lol…Do you think it will catch on? If so you saw it here first folks!

 The buzz downtown was electric!!! People were tail gating, bands were jamming and so much more! This game was the BEST sporting event I have ever attended….I literally gave ALL my energy to the team and when I got home I was beyond tired!

I have something VERY special for everyone…………..The THUNDER killed it and we are now one of the TOP 4 teams in the entire NBA!!! Next up is the Western Conference Finals vs the Mavs and we are so excited, it starts Tuesday night in Dallas! The video below is from my IPhone and is the last 5 seconds of the game and right after… can hear how loud it was but imagine being there…………….

Well guys, I had a mega busy weekend and I am trying to get back into the groove of the work week……Happy Monday!


  1. Becky
    May 16, 2011 / 3:15 pm

    What an exciting weekend. You must be exhausted.

  2. Jodie
    May 16, 2011 / 6:01 pm

    What an awesome weekend!! I am dying to see Bridesmaids and Fast Five… Paul Walker!!

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