The Bond

Today is a Thankful Thursday post in a new light……..To start I am thankful that a few friends on Facebook recommend I read the book The Bond by Wayne Pacelle. Second, I am thankful that I have a platform via my blog to share what I have learned with all of you and maybe raise awareness. Below is a short 1:30 video which is a “trailer” for this book and what it is about so watch this please…………

You all may know by now that sometimes when I have so much to say I tend to ramble or switch topics frequently so I will try to share with you everything I intend to the best that I can. This book goes into the bond between humans and animals while talking about that bond throughout history. This book also talks about the history of pets in our homes and the actual chemical release we get when we love and share a bond with an animal.
There is a section in this book called the Betrayal of the Bond that goes into Dog fighting, Culling and Factory Farming……I was so nervous to read this section because of books I have previously read. BUT…I will say Wayne’s message is NOT “shock and awe” but rather to inform and to talk extensively about legislature and things that are being done to help. So although it was eye opening and horrific I made it thru much easier than I thought. I agree with many of the reviews for this book stating that if you love animals you should read this!! I know that a lot of people like my husband don’t want to know these things that ignorance is bliss but I disagree…….animals can not speak for themselves so we NEED to do this for them.
I want to share you with just a few of the facts I learned while reading this book to get your attention…..
* Do you know that most Factory Dairy Farms need the mother cows to constantly give birth to keep the milk coming…….so once they give birth they will take away the calf after just 1 day and these babies will either go to the veal farm or they are “discarded” and you can use your imagination for what that entails.
* Do you know that poultry has been genetically changed to grow to full form at only 4 months instead of 12 and this causes their bodies to be too heavy for their legs leading to painful deformities. So next time you are at the store to get chicken breast and think “wow these are huge” remember why.
* Don’t get me started on puppy mills…….Please Adopt.…you can find full blood dogs of all breeds easy on
* Do you know that every year in our own Yellowstone National Park officials kill over 500 bison?
* Something I was shocked to find out……In the Smithsonian Hall of Mammals as well as museums across the nations most of the large animals were trophy kills from people who go on wealthy hunting safaris but then donate the body for tax cuts.
* Do you know the policy “do not feed bears” in national parks? So you can’t put out food to lure a bear to capture pictures but do you know it is legal to hunt bears in the spring and hunters will place out food and then kill them when they come. Shocking. It is called “garbaging”

I think you get the point, and I do not mean to be a Debbie Downer…….but I learned so much in this book and I think it is so important to learn about things that go on in the world around us…..having to do with animals or not. I am thankful that I am always educating myself on these issues trying to find out what I can do to help or make even a small difference.
What can you do?
* Buy The Bond and educate yourself. Click here to purchase!
* Click HERE to go to the Humane Society and see how you can help.
* Volunteer at local organizations like our local Humane Society. Click HERE to learn more.
* Learn your states bills and get involved in helping to pass more animal friendly bills.

Friends, I hope I didn’t bore you but that I gave you a quick over view of something that is important to me. Happy Thankful Thursday!


  1. Becky
    May 19, 2011 / 5:22 pm

    It is good to learn these things. Thanks for the information…not sure if the book is on my list or not though.

  2. Caroline
    May 22, 2011 / 9:12 pm

    I love Tokyo Milk perfume! I picked up a small bottle on clearance at Anthropologie and have been loving it! I think the scent is called Sparrow. Most perfumes are too heavy to me and body splashes/sprtizes/whatever seem to last about 30 minutes before fading away.

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