Where is my home?

So after this story you may start believing me when I say God literally sends me dogs to save…I mean last time the dog was in my front yard!!! So…..today I decided I wanted a tomato to eat with lunch, weird I know! And crazy me felt this overwhelming need to leave and get a tomato, well ……..right when I was about to leave my neighborhood there was a sweet little yorkie in the street. I didn’t see anyone with her and when I stopped my car she literally ran over to me and started covering me in kisses!

So we went back to my house and I gave her food and water….she acted as if this poor thing hadn’t eaten in days! I firmly believe that God wanted me to leave my house right when I did to find this little girl….he wants me to try to find her family or find her the best new home I can find! So I drove her to my vet to see if she had a chip and on the drive we bonded! Weird how in SUCH a short time I can fall in love. This little girl had a collar on, with no tags and no chip! My vet is going to board her while I try to find out where she belongs! No, I don’t like to bring in new and temporary animals into my home with my boys….I get too attached as it is!

I mean look at this little face! How can you not fall in love! So do you live off of 134th? Do you know this gal? I will keep you updated!
On a side note…when I left my vet I immediately saw where someone had recently ….very recently..run over a puppy and man oh man did that send me into orbit! I sobbed until I got home…..it is so hard for me to see something like that, I mean yes….I saved one life but the fact that any animals has to die rips me apart. So needly to say I am emotional wreck and I didn’t get my tomato!
Wish me luck!


  1. Becky
    April 7, 2011 / 9:33 pm

    I sure hope you find her family! They must be missing her terribly.

  2. Amy
    April 8, 2011 / 12:39 pm

    I wish we could have a dog right now because I would take that sweet girl! But, we're never home and I know she wouldn't get the lovin' she deserves!!! I hope you find her a great home!!!

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