I am a walking contradiction…..

Ok, I am going to kinda “talk about loud” here…..because something has been bothering me….I tend to ramble when I am passionate about something and switch gears often so I will put this “out there” in a bullet point kinda way……
* SO, we all know HOW excited I am about going to see Water for Elephants tomorrow night with my book club….I mean the previews give me chills…..And I am sure I will love it and tell you ALL about it!
* I do know that Tia the elephant used is the movie was more than likely treated like GOLD, given tons of love and respect.
* I also know that the book itself has a nice message mixed in about the way animals should be treated. So that makes me happy.
* But what I also know is that deep inside of me I don’t necessarily agree with using captive animals as “props”. I mean as much as I know about animals, elephants in particular ( don’t tempt me….I read a lot) I know that this elephant didn’t choose to leave her family to live a solitary life with humans. She didn’t choose to want to learn “tricks” nor does she choose her own work schedule.
* So what am I saying? Should all movies never use animals? NO, that is where I confuse myself and get down on myself………I mean here I don’t agree with something so much but yet I am running to the theater to support it! I am ridiculous.
* I have had un-easy feelings about this since the first trailer came out and then I watched some footage of Reese training with the elephant “behind the scenes” ….. I can’t help but think that this beautiful creature would rather be roaming the safari with her family. It makes me sad.
* I mean I am also going to see this movie on Earth Day which makes this worse, you know how much I love that day. I love that day because it brings awareness to conservation………possibly the opposite of what is happening here! HA
* What am I going to do? I don’t know, I mean like I said I am a contradiction …….I feel deeply one way but my actions will speak otherwise. SO it is at times like this I am thankful for my blog, so I can “put things out there” and share my passions and concerns with all of you.

I seem to spark a lot of passion/nerves/thoughts when I speak on animal rights….so dare I say what are your thoughts on this ?
Can I switch gears for a second? I am bringing out my “sell out” side……the new trailer for the movie on TV sparks emotion from me and I think it is the song, I have fallen in love with the song they used……

So I did some research and found out the song is called Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines….when I listen to this song it stirs something inside of me….it makes me want to dance………Enjoy!

Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love by UniversalMusicGroup

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  1. Becky
    April 21, 2011 / 8:05 pm

    I definitely feel ya on this one, but am conflicted too.And that song is divine!

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